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A hire standard

Hire the very best talent for healthcare, life sciences, federal, engineering, industrial, finance, IT, and technology services without the cost, time, and hassle. It’s an elevated experience for candidates and clients, a role model for staffing agencies, and a hire standard for the entire recruiting industry.

Join 376 clients that trust Catapult Solutions Group for a hire standard of talent

Catapult Solutions Group is the staffing agency with everything you need to hire the very best talent in healthcare, life sciences, engineering, light industrial, finance, information technology, federal services, and technology services.

Think hiring strategy, recruitment plans, weeding out unqualified applicants, reviewing top candidates, phone screenings, interviews, job offers, onboarding, and payroll for your organization.

A hire standard — starts with our recruiters

Our motto, “A hire standard,” refers to our unwavering commitment to finding and working with the best talent in every industry we serve. We believe a hire standard starts with us — with whom we hire as a recruiter and how we choose to treat people along our journey.

We've created an incredible candidate experience

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword that is extremely important if you want a hire standard of talent. In today’s war on talent, candidates choose where to apply and accept job offers based on their feelings in your hiring process. And, rightly so because they are people, not products. 

Unlock your full digital potential

Catapult Technology Services, the digital arm of Catapult Solutions group, was born from conversations we’ve had with our existing client base, who needed constant reinvention to unlock their full potential. We help organizations uncover, evaluate and unlock their most significant opportunities, so they can stop reacting to their day-to-day circumstances and start leveraging the human capital and technology solutions that will drive a brighter future.

An elevated experience for candidates and a hire standard of talent for organizations

With Catapult Solutions Group, companies can easily find and hire the talent they need in healthcare, life sciences, federal, engineering, industrial, finance, IT, and tech. Through our candidate recruiting team, people looking for new opportunities can find them and be treated with respect the entire time—no more ghosting. It’s an elevated hiring experience for candidates everywhere and a hire standard of talent for businesses to hire, grow, and accomplish incredible goals.

Hiring talent for your mission
is our mission

Hire faster

Scalable solutions. Flexible engagements. We're ready to help you find a hire standard of talent when you need it most.

In-depth screening

We only bring our clients the best of the best. Catapult has an in-depth application and screening process designed to identify the right talent for our clients.

Built for today's world of work

Our fully-managed solutions team has the strategy, tools, and technology to unlock your organization’s full potential.

A hire standard

We provide an elevated experience for candidates and clients—a role model for staffing agencies and a hire standard for the entire recruiting industry.

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Catapult Solutions Group makes technology solutions and hiring in today's world of work, effortless. Ready to get started?

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