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cloud computingThe more cloud computing develops and evolves, the more the skill sets of the experts need to change as well. There was a time many years ago when you could get a formal education with some experience and be qualified for a multitude of IT jobs. Now you have to constantly be learning new things to stay ahead of the curve and to remain relevant in your current job. But when you know what’s required to be a successful cloud computing professional, you can set yourself up for a great future.

Multi-Cloud Environment Experience

Companies today often have multiple cloud environments, and some have them in combination with legacy systems. This creates a significant amount of complications, and requires an expert to have experience in all of these environments. The ultimate goal is to simplify the processes through integration, and that’s where the expertise of a successful cloud computing professional enters the picture.

Understand Programming Methodologies

As with virtually all IT jobs, experts will benefit greatly from understanding various programming methodologies. If you’re currently employed, you can focus on the methodologies you need to be successful at your job. But if you’re on the job hunt, understanding a little about multiple methodologies can help get your foot in the door of an employer and build on your knowledge later on.

Business Acumen

Believe it or not, companies today are asking their cloud computing professionals to be business leaders as well. This involves both internal communication within the company and external communication with vendors. Cloud computing professionals no longer sit behind a computer screen for eight hours a day, but now they are relied upon to have a certain amount of business acumen to go with their technical skills.

Leadership Skills

With a solid business acumen, you can slowly develop leadership skills even if those skills don’t come naturally to you. Understanding why a decision needs to be made, and why it’s the best decision, comes from experience. But when you do understand every decision from cost, efficiency and productivity perspectives, you’ll be seen more as a leader and an expert in cloud computing.

Metric Analytics

Of course, metric analytics is going to be a major part of all IT jobs. Having analytical skills to break down cost, usage, performance and other company-specific metrics will make you an invaluable component of any organization. When you’re able to implement and manage cloud computing applications, as well as help business leaders make sound decisions, you’ll be setting yourself up for a promising career.

At Catapult Staffing, we understand every cloud computing professional has different skills. As an IT staffing agency, we work with many different companies that are looking for professionals with a variety of skill sets. So even if you don’t have a solid business acumen right now, you may be able to find a lower level job and work your way up to develop different skills. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can work for you and get you into the job that fits your skills the most.