5 Tips to Hire the Best Software Engineer for Your Company

August 30, 2018 0 comment

In this day and age, talented software engineering professionals are plentiful. This puts any good software engineer in a position to be able to essentially name their price when it comes to salary, but it also puts companies in a precarious position. As a company, you want to hire the best talent possible at the lowest price. But with the demand for software engineers being so high, securing top talent at a low price isn’t very likely. Here are some of our top tips for attracting and hiring the best software engineer for your company.

Be Honest With What You Can Offer

Unless you’re a large corporation that everyone knows about, you’ll need to explain everything you can offer to a candidate clearly. This could be salary considerations, cultural aspects, work-life balance and more. The main thing is to be honest when talking to a software engineering professional and assume they have gone through an interview process with multiple companies and can identify when someone is speaking genuinely.

Don’t Delay Making An Offer

When you feel good about a particular candidate, make an offer to them as quickly as possible. Again, you have to assume a good software engineer will have multiple offers on the table to choose from. The longer you take to make an offer, the more likely you’ll increase the competition and reduce your chances of hiring them.

Staffing agencyOrganize The Interview Process Thoroughly

Every software engineer is very structured and organized. If your interview process is somewhat out of sorts, they will be able to see it and may assume that’s how you do business as well. Disorganization isn’t an attractive attribute for any company, so make sure everyone is on the same page to make the interview process go as smoothly as possible.

Be Ready To Negotiate Salary

Negotiating salary is always one of the most challenging aspects of hiring software engineering professionals. But when you have a candidate who you are very confident in, you don’t want to lose them over money unless they are demanding an unreasonable amount. Know your budget beforehand and understand completely what amount you can offer them. Consider the value the candidate can bring to your company in the long-term and if it’s worth paying them a few extra thousand dollars in return.

Don’t Waste Time On The Wrong Candidates

Working with a staffing agency can help sort through candidates so you only talk to the ones who meet your specific criteria. When you interview dozens of candidates over the course of several weeks, it’s easy to become impatient and settle on hiring someone just because you’re tired of going through the process. Instead of wasting time talking to the wrong candidates for your company, work with a reputable staffing agency you can trust to deliver the highest quality candidates possible.

Catapult Staffing is dedicated to helping companies find the top talent needed to add to their organization. We will take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for, including specific skills, cultural fits, experience and more. Hiring the best software engineer can pay major dividends for your company, so contact us today and allow us to help you find them.