A hire standard.

From the beginning, Catapult Solutions Group has had only one mission— to transform organizations with a hire standard of talent and technology services. 

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Who is Catapult?

The right combination of talent and technology helps our clients unlock their full potential, overcome their most difficult obstacles, and build organizations that truly thrive in today’s world of work.

The needs of organizations that hire talent will continue to expand. The technology services they need to fulfill their missions will continue to advance. The way people work will change. But a strong workforce, backed by today’s most advanced technology services, can build an organization fit for the future.

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Hiring talent for your mission — is our mission.

At Catapult Solutions Group, our mission is to help organizations thrive by enabling their teams to find “A hire standard” of talent and technology services.


Businesses succeed when they find the right people, information, and tools they need to accomplish meaningful work.


From Fortune 500 companies to startups, thousands of companies use Catapult to hit their business targets more efficiently with technology strategy, talent strategy, talent sourcing, and agile project delivery so that they can focus on the things that matter.

We're excited about the future.

When we think about our clients in the healthcare, IT, federal contracting, life sciences, and other industries—we feel terrific about the future we’re helping our clients build.


Progress requires talented people to work together, but in today’s demanding world of work, finding and hiring the right talent can be difficult.


We built Catapult to help clients find the talent and technology services they need to support their missions. Why? Because we believe that the work our clients do actually matters.


We’re proud of how often our clients and candidates tell us that we’ve made a difference in their lives, and we’re just getting started.

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Our values actually mean something.

We are fueled by our values and believe that setting a hire standard starts at our own company.


We live by a simple code: Challenge the impossible. We challenge our clients and ourselves to drive past the boundaries of what’s possible to create extraordinary outcomes.


We value the awesome, the outrageous, and the downright brilliant. We have found that the best way to achieve our extraordinary results is to attract and hire simply outstanding people: crazy-smart talent with a proven record of success in their previous jobs.


We are a culture based on trust, tolerance, and love. We speak openly and often, respect each other’s opinions, and do what we say we will do.


Talent is not a commodity. It doesn’t matter what position a candidate is seeking; they should be treated with respect, told the truth, and communicated to professionally throughout the entire process.

Why a hire standard?

Our motto, “A hire standard,” refers to our unwavering commitment to finding and working with the best talent in every industry we serve. We believe a hire standard starts with us—with who we hire as a recruiter and how we choose to treat people along our journey.

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