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We listen to our clients about their day-to-day challenges, tap our expertise to help, and then offer talent solutions that meet the needs of their engineering teams. We provide a wide range of engineering resourcing capabilities across the full lifecycle of product development and for sustaining product lines. From analytical design, to product engineering and development, we partner with you to achieve mission-critical goals, respond to unexpected market fluctuations, as well as quickly and efficiently provide the engineering expertise for entry points into innovative new product markets.

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We believe that a hire standard starts with our recruiters. Our motto, “A hire standard,” refers to our unwavering commitment to finding and hiring the most qualified subject matter experts to our recruiting team so that we can recruit the best engineering teams in the industry.

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Candidate experience is a popular buzzword that is extremely important if you want to hire the very best engineering talent. In today’s extremely competitive war for engineering talent, qualified candidates choose where to apply and accept job offers based on how staffing firms treat them during your hiring process. And, rightly so — because they are people, not products. Learn how we’ve elevated the job seekers experience to a hire standard.

An elevated experience for engineering talent and a hire standard for organizations

With Catapult Solutions Group recruiters and staffing experts, companies can easily find and hire the engineering talent they need. Through our engineering recruiting team, engineering professionals looking for new opportunities can find them and be treated with respect the entire time—no more ghosting. It’s an elevated hiring experience for candidates everywhere and a hire standard of technical staffing for businesses to hire, grow, and accomplish incredible goals.

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Common Questions

At Catapult Solutions Group for Healthcare, our team of recruiters thoroughly screens our nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals to ensure we only match you with medical professionals of the highest caliber. Your account manager will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics so we can find expert vetted medical staff from our network custom matched to fit your business needs. Our teams have decades of experience as a healthcare staffing resource. Catapult Solutions Group offers the full spectrum of healthcare staffing services: travel, temporary-to-hire, per diem, permanent, contract, and more. We would with Nursing, Allied, Physician & Advanced Practice, Language Interpreters, Revenue Cycle Solutions, and more.


Healthcare staffing agencies serve a variety of functions. Some agencies focus on temporary staffing, while others provide permanent placement services.


Some agencies specialize in travel nursing, which is a rapidly growing healthcare sector. Travel nurses work in hospitals and other facilities that need temporary help. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so it’s important to understand how healthcare staffing agencies work.


How do Healthcare Staffing Agencies Work?

Healthcare staffing agencies are businesses that provide a variety of services related to the healthcare industry. They find people jobs at hospitals and other health care facilities and also help employers find qualified workers. These agencies can be very helpful if you are looking for a job in the healthcare field or if you want to hire professionals for your company or organization.


There are many different types of companies that offer these services; some focus on one type of job while others offer multiple types of positions. Here are some examples:


Temporary Placement Agencies – These companies focus on temporary positions in hospitals and other medical facilities. They often recruit nurses who are looking for temporary jobs or workers who want temporary contracts rather than full-time employment with one employer. These companies also provide recruitment services for employers who need temporary help for short periods of time.

A nurse staffing agency is a company that specializes in recruiting and placing nurses at healthcare facilities. The agency can be a third party, which acts as an intermediary between the nurse and the facility, or it can be a division of the facility itself.

The agency may charge its clients for its services or use them to fill open positions with new hires. The agency may also recruit and place nurses at multiple facilities in order to create a relationship between those facilities and their employees.

Many agencies specialize in one type of nursing or another, such as travel nursing or per diem staffing. Some companies provide both types of services within their organization, while others specialize only in one area.

Healthcare facilities often hire independent contractors to fill positions on an as-needed basis. This allows them to avoid hiring full-time employees who may not be necessary at certain times during the year. It also gives them flexibility when it comes to adjusting their workforce based on seasonal shifts or changes in client needs.

Registered nurse staffing agencies provide registered nurse placements to hospitals and other healthcare organizations that have trouble filling temporary or permanent placements. They secure contracts for RNs to work in various types of healthcare facilities. Our Comprehensive Nurse Staffing Solutions are supported by An Extensive Network of Pre-Screened, Highly Trained Professionals. Travel Nurses, Per Diem, International, and Labor Disruption. 

We have a network of qualified, experienced nurses that are ready to serve your staffing needs. We also provide international placement and can help with labor disruptions. We Hire the World’s Best Travel Nurses. Our extensive network of professionals are fully screened and trained to deliver only the best quality services.

Travel nursing is a growing industry that offers flexibility, variety and a chance to explore new areas. Travel nurses typically work in medical facilities that lack permanent staff.

Travel nurses often work in specialties like surgery, pediatrics or emergency care. A travel nurse may also provide general nursing services at a hospital or nursing home. In addition to providing direct patient care, travel nurses are responsible for hiring and training new staff members.

Travel nurses often work shifts that do not correspond with their own schedules. For example, a nurse might be scheduled for an evening shift on Monday but then have to work morning shifts Tuesday through Friday. This schedule could continue for several weeks before changing again. 

Nurses working in this field must understand how to provide care across multiple specialties and disciplines. They must also be able to communicate effectively with patients who may have difficulty understanding English or who come from different cultural backgrounds than they do.

An agency nurse is a health care professional who works for a nursing agency. The agency assigns them to health care facilities for temporary contracts, and while they can change their job duties based on the location in which they’re working, their responsibilities typically include providing medical treatment to patients.

Allied health staffing is the process of connecting healthcare professionals with employers who need to fill open positions. Allied health professionals are people who work in a variety of fields, such as nursing and pharmacists, but also include physicians, dentists and physical therapists.


The allied health staffing industry is booming as more people seek out careers in the medical field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 20 percent growth rate in the number of jobs for allied health professionals between 2015 and 2025. This makes it an excellent time for companies to get involved in this rapidly growing industry.


Travel nursing is one of the most common ways for nurses to find work with companies that specialize in providing temporary staffing for hospitals or other facilities that have open positions. Travel nurses can expect to make an average salary of $69,000 per year according to Indeed.com’s salary estimator tool .

We’ll get into the details of what exactly a travel nursing agency is, what they do, and why they exist.

A travel nursing agency (or “travel nurse agency”) is an independent company that contracts with health care facilities (hospitals) to provide temporary staffing for them. They connect registered nurses (RNs) with hospitals that need nurses for short term assignments in different locations. Hospitals might contract with a travel nurse agency when they need extra staff in order to meet patient demand or cover shifts for nurses on vacation or sick leave.

A travel nursing agency finds positions for nurses then helps them through the entire application process. They also provide training, orientation, housing, insurance, and other services needed by nurses who want to work as travelers.

Travel nursing agencies work with hospitals all over the country to place their nurses where they are needed most. This means that if there is an opening at a hospital near your home town or in another state, you could potentially be placed there without having to move yourself!

Many people dream of traveling the world, but few have the opportunity to do so. Traveling can be a great way to see new places, learn about different cultures and meet new people. It can also be an excellent way to earn extra money in your free time.


To be a travel nurse, you need to have at least one year of experience as a registered nurse (RN). You must also be able to pass state and federal background checks and drug tests. Once you have met these requirements, you’re ready to get started!


Benefits of Travel Nursing – Travel nurses enjoy many benefits over other types of nurses. For example:

Higher Pay: Travel nurses are paid more than their counterparts who work at hospitals or nursing homes because they earn more in their base salary than permanent employees. This is why many travel nurses choose this type of job over others available in their area.


Interesting Locations: Travel nurses often work in exciting locations such as hospitals located near ski resorts or hospitals that offer quick access to beaches or national parks such as Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park.

When you’re getting ready to travel nurse, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your chosen agency can provide you with everything you need.


But choosing a good agency is important because they’ll be your partner while you’re on the road. They’ll help guide your career and make sure that you’re always working in safe environments with high-quality facilities.


So what should you look for when choosing an agency? 


Here are some tips:

Check out their reviews. Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed will have reviews from current and past employees about their experience at different agencies. Take note of how many employees gave each company a positive review and see if there are any trends or patterns in what people are saying about them. If there’s only one bad review but it says something like “they never pay on time,” that’s not as concerning as if there are multiple complaints about poor communication or underpaying employees.


Look at the size of their network. A large network means that there are more opportunities for you to find travel nursing jobs throughout North America, Europe or Australia/New Zealand — wherever your travel nursing assignment may take you! You want an agency that has access to all the major hospitals


Choosing a travel nursing agency is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career. It can be challenging to navigate through all of the options available, but it’s worth it.


There are several things to consider when choosing an agency, including:


– The size and strength of the company


– How long they have been in business


– What their reputation is like in the industry, especially among travel nurses


– What kind of training and support they offer for new hires


– The types of assignments they offer



There are two main types of companies: direct hire and contingent (travel) assignment agencies. The difference between these two is that direct hire agencies work directly with hospitals and other employers to fill positions while contingent (travel) assignment agencies work with nurses who are looking for jobs.



If you’re looking for a direct hire position, it’s usually best to look online or call local hospitals directly to see if they have any openings in their departments. If they don’t have any open positions right now but know someone who might have one in the future, they may be able to put you in touch with them so that they can get an application from you when the time comes. However, this does not guarantee that there will be an opening for you when it does open up! In fact, there is no guarantee at all that there will be an opening when it does open up! Your best bet here would be to contact multiple hospitals.



 When you’re searching for a travel nursing agency, you want to make sure they’ll be able to meet all of your needs. Overall – try to focus on these factors:



1. Reputation – It’s important to research the reputation of the agency before signing up with them. Check out reviews on sites like Yelp and Google, or look for testimonials from other travelers on social media or forums such as Reddit or Glassdoor. You can also ask around at work or in your community to see if anyone has used the agency before and what their experience was like.


2. Company size – If you’re looking for an agency that will offer full-time benefits, it’s important that they have enough employees to support this type of travel nurse program. Look for agencies with at least 100 nurses on staff and avoid those with fewer than 50 employees; these are usually just small local agencies that don’t have much clout when it comes to negotiating contracts with hospitals.


3. Experience – This is another factor to keep in mind when choosing an agency; ideally they should have been around for several years and have contracts with hospitals throughout your state as well as others across the country (if you’re planning on traveling).

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