How to Find Temp Work Fast

January 28, 2016 0 comment

temp-work-catapult-staffing Sometimes looking for temp jobs is the best way to start earning an income when you have recently lost a job and need to generate funds fast. Signing on with a temp staffing agency is often one of the fastest ways to obtain one of these jobs. However, there are other tips you need to know to ensure you can get back on the job as quickly as possible, even if it is on a temporary basis.

Focus on the Right Agencies

One staffing agency isn’t like all the others. Each one targets specific industries and areas of expertise. Think about what types of jobs you are interested in and look for a temp staffing agency that offers work in that particular field. This will ensure you can more quickly find the jobs for which you are qualified. Avoid working with general staffing agencies because they often offer fewer jobs in each field, making it more competitive.

Adjust Your Resume

Because temp jobs are often time-specific and oriented around certain goals rather than long-term employment, you don’t need a full-blown resume to apply. In fact, most jobs won’t want to know everything about your job history. They only need to read about the skills you have that are relevant to the job to which you are applying, along with any related achievements.

List Honest Salary Expectations

It’s important to make sure you don’t act desperate when it comes to your salary expectations. Don’t list that you are willing to take jobs at any pay and then turn down offers because they don’t pay enough. Sit down and calculate the exact minimum you need to accept a job and be upfront about it. However, it’s also important to keep it realistic based on the industry and the premium staffing agencies charge their clients for their services.

Prepare for Objections

One of the biggest issues many people run into is being overqualified for a job. Companies that request temporary workers don’t want to be faced with people who grow tired of the job quickly or quit because it’s not stimulating enough. Therefore, you need to be prepared to combat the argument you are overqualified. You can calm these concerns by letting them know you are committed to new experiences and learning new things. Your temp staffing agency can also help market your skills to show employers how you can help them.

Looking for temp jobs may not always be the most desirable option, but if you find yourself in need of an income, these can often be the most viable choices. Working with the right temp staffing agency will help you find a job as quickly as possible so you aren’t without an income for too long. Because these jobs are available on a temporary basis, you will be able to continue looking for a permanent replacement while you generate an income to help support your family.

If you’re looking for temp jobs to help fill in the gaps, contact us. We can help you get in a new job as quickly as possible.