How to Land Your Dream Software Development Job

December 06, 2018 0 comment

Whether you’ve been interested in a career in software development for years, just recently discovered the profession or even currently have a software development job, you have the opportunity to advance as much as you want. Working as a software developer is very rewarding and the demand continues to grow on an annual basis. In order to land your dream software development job, you have to stand out among the rest of the candidates. Here are some of the basic steps to take to become recognized by your dream employer.

Get An Education

Believe it or not, it’s usually not a requirement for people to have a formal education in order to land a software development contract. However, the vast majority of employers today prefer their software developers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. When you think about the large amount of applicants any given employer receives, you don’t want your application to be disregarded because you don’t have a formal education.

software development jobIncorporate A Mix of Technical Skills And Soft Skills

The technical skills you possess will ultimately be what gets you a software development job. However, if you want to work your way up into a leadership role or be in position for a big promotion later on, you’ll want to place equal importance on soft skills like communication, collaboration, troubleshooting, problem solving and more. Too many software developers focus solely on improving their technical skills and not placing any emphasis on soft skills, which could hinder their chances of moving up the ladder.

Gain As Much Experience As You Can

Building an impressive portfolio can be accomplished even if you don’t currently have a job. Working on your own personal projects or freelance projects can all be used to build up a nice portfolio of experience. Employers like to see how you’ve applied your skills to solve problems and complete projects, so having this easily accessible to them will place you in higher regards.

Be Passionate

Having a software development job isn’t for the faint of heart. So if you’re going to pursue the career with the ultimate goal of landing your dream job, be passionate in every aspect of it. Passion is difficult to hide, and will easily be noticed by hiring managers and eventually your bosses and co-workers. Your passion can give you the ability to land virtually any software development contract you desire.

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