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Talent Solutions

Catapult Solutions Group’s Talent Solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each client’s unique hiring needs. By leveraging proven strategies and industry-leading technology, we help clients source, attract and retain top talent in competitive and changing markets.

Our approach will challenge your thinking — helping you build a focused talent strategy

Hiring managers and human resources professionals understand that these days it’s not enough to recruit talent simply. It takes a strategic partner who can help you find, develop, and retain superior employees.

Our team of experts will assess your current workforce and provide data-driven recommendations based on an in-depth analysis. We will work with you to determine which areas need improvement, and create a measurable plan to address them.

Our capabilities

Our team combines deep expertise with an agile delivery model to help clients accelerate the delivery of innovative, end-to-end Talent Acquisition Solutions.

We are an extension of your recruiting team that’s as committed to helping you find the right talent as you are. We offer a suite of talent acquisition solutions, including embedded recruiting, sourcing services, full-cycle recruitment, and RPO.

We offer on-demand sourcing services to help your organization scale, whether you’re looking for support on specific projects, have seasonal peaks, or just need an extra set of hands for a few weeks.

We offer workshops and training to help scale your TA teams, process improvement, DEI initiatives, succession planning, Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Employee branding, and talent management.

Our technology sourcing and (TA) product implementation teams help improve process efficiency and accuracy. Our suite of AI, automation, and data analytics tools improves the speed at which they can make better decisions in less time and with fewer people, allowing them to scale up their operations while reducing costs.

Talent acquisition data can help you assess the return on investment of recruitment campaigns, misalignment of recruitment processes, and the amount spent on recruitment advertising. Using these insights, you’ll be able to align your recruitment process with your organization’s goals and lower the cost per hire.

Our approach

As an end-to-end talent acquisition solutions partner, we help clients scale up their talent operations while reducing costs through a relentless combination of strategy, execution, and capabilities.

People-centered Talent Strategy

Unique hiring challenges call for custom solutions. We start with your desired talent outcomes first, then build a talent acquisition delivery roadmap that prioritizes the highest return on investment.

Consistent impact through agile delivery

We combine decades of real-world experience with the best talent, unrivaled tools, infrastructure, and processes to execute efficiently with technology partnerships through an agile methodology that consistently delivers the value-focused milestones throughout the engagement.

Sustained with end-to-end capabilities

Our talent acquisition solutions are flexible, scalable, and dedicated to meeting your needs. Our recruiters help you develop a robust recruitment strategy that adheres to the unique needs of your business, provides clear guidelines for hiring managers, and ensures consistent results for all hiring levels. We work with you to develop a culture where candidates are excited about working with your company and feel valued throughout their time in the recruiting process.

Catapult Talent Acquisition Solutions helps you unlock and scale your organization's entire talent acquisition team's potential. Contact us to learn more.

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