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full potential

With Catapult Technology Services

Catapult Technology Services, the digital arm of Catapult Solutions group, was born from conversations we’ve had with our existing client base, who needed constant reinvention to unlock their full potential. We help organizations uncover, evaluate and unlock their most significant opportunities, so they can stop reacting to their day-to-day circumstances and start leveraging the human capital and technology solutions that will drive a brighter future.

Our approach will challenge your thinking — helping you build a better digital future

A simple conversation can uncover needs organizations don’t know they have — and macro trends they won’t be able to avoid. Our approach creates informed digital strategies that can pivot your way of thinking, open up new solutions, and clarify a new long-term direction for your business. As we co-create opportunities with our clients, we collaboratively bring new solutions to life through advanced technology, staffing services, and solution design capabilities. As an example of some of the digital transformation services we have provided our clients include managed security services, support desk, robotic process automation, cloud services, cybersecurity, data and analytics, technology sourcing, technology strategy and more.

Our capabilities

We believe in a world where technology is used to empower people, and drive business growth and innovation. Through our experience, our people, and our insights, we help clients solve the challenges they face with their digital platforms, IT architecture, and modernization.

From deployment and maintenance of physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure and services to optimizing your network to deliver user experiences that meet your business’s needs, we help organizations optimize their application hosting, network, and end-user environments.

Trying to keep up with the latest breaches, but don’t have the time or expertise to manage your own security program? That’s where we come in. We help organizations determine their digital risk, prioritize their cybersecurity investment, and build leadership skills to predict and neutralize cyber threats.

Transform your IT architecture and create a digital competitive advantage. We combine deep technology expertise with an agile delivery model to help clients accelerate delivery of innovative digital products, improve quality, and increase efficiency across the software development lifecycle.

Align your technology strategy with business needs. We have advisors, technical architects, and strategic technology partnerships to address rapidly changing operating models, enhancing a company’s competitive advantage and delivering seamless integration at every project lifecycle stage.

The world is changing, and so should your strategy for data delivery and transformation. We help you unlock the value of your data through robust architecture design, industry-specific experience, and customized solutions built to fit your business needs, helping you manage the information asset lifecycle, incorporate high-volume data, and integrate multiple data sources.

Our approach

As an end-to-end transformation partner, we help clients deliver business outcomes through a relentless combination of strategy, execution, and capabilities.

Strategy focused on business outcomes

We start with your desired business outcomes first and then we build a delivery roadmap that prioritizes technology transformations with the highest return on investment first.

Consistent impact through agile delivery

We combine decades of real-world experience with a hire standard of talent, unrivaled tools, infrastructure, and processes, and then execute efficiently with technology partnerships through an agile methodology that consistently delivers the value-focused milestones throughout the engagement.

Sustained with end-to-end capabilities

We modernize architecture, create data accessibility and availability throughout the organization, apply advanced analytics to extract meaningful insights from that data, and establish cyber and data privacy defenses, helping you create and sustain a new way forward.

Catapult Technology Services helps you unlock your organizations full potential. Ready to get started?

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