a hire standard?

Our motto, “A hire standard,” refers to our unwavering commitment to finding and working with the best talent in every industry we serve. We believe a hire standard starts with uswith who we hire as a recruiter and how we choose to treat people along our journey.

When we make hiring mistakes,
it costs us more than we think

The most valuable business lessons come after making expensive mistakes. Most businesses and recruiters use a lengthy, costly process for hiring new talent but still only hire the candidates with the most experience. These candidates often do well initially but then become negligent of details and indecisive as time goes on, consequently leading to poor company performance. Even after bad hires leave, we can still see the negative impact they’ve had on the company and its employees.

While we may never know the exact cost of past hiring mistakes, we know that bad hires are expensive, and the opportunity cost of someone who underperforms is exceptionally high. Only when we factor in the cost of hiring, the opportunity cost of missed revenue, and removing and replacing a person, do we realize how much our hiring mistakes cost us and our businesses.

A hire standard starts with our recruiters

Who we hire affects who you hire. Because better recruiters identify better talent. We are committed to a hire standard for us because we are committed to a higher standard for you.

We only hire recruiters who work hard and value relationships. We care about how they treat people. Do they keep an open mind? Do they listen carefully to what hiring managers need? Do they treat candidates like people instead of resumes? Do they represent clients well? These are the building blocks of a good recruiter.

When we recommend a candidate to a client, it won’t be someone who can do the minimum job—they’re getting someone who will fit in with their culture and help them achieve more. Our screening process evaluates each applicant using three criteria: knowledge of the subject matter, professionalism, and communication skills.

Bad recruiters cause bad candidate experiences

No one likes interviewing with bad recruiters. Bad recruiters demotivate top candidates, hurt your employer brand, and warn other “A-Players” not to waste their time with your organization.


In the end, You will be stuck hiring lower-quality employees and will miss out on the rewards of having a happy, healthy, and productive team. 

A hire standard for your candidate experience

Candidates are people, not products. People may see “candidate experience” as a buzzword, but it is more than that. It is the spring that brings life into your organization and is critically important if you want to win in today’s war on talent. Like it or not, candidates choose to apply, interview, and accept job offers based on feelings they have about your business when moving through your hiring process. We’ve created a hire standard for candidate experience that ripples throughout our organization. This is how we do it.

Two woman and one man typing at laptops

We nurture relationships

Like a “friend” who only comes around when they want something, bad recruiters only seek out talent when there is an immediate opening–not us. We nurture our recruitment strategy and candidate relationships over time, treating it as a slow-burn enterprise rather than a quick-hitting solution to an immediate problem. The stakes of recruiting are too high for anything else.

We hire to fill real needs

A well-organized hiring plan provides an excellent candidate experience. We start by partnering with our clients to identify their hiring needs, prioritizing them, and additionally, help create a hiring process, to attract the best candidates, ensuring a great candidate experience. Our team is committed to an organized process, resulting in happy candidates and happy clients.

We speak with every candidate

We only provide candidates that we’ve communicated with directly, and qualified specifically, for that current position. Every candidate you receive from Catapult will be qualified for that role, and have received consent to be represented by Catapult.

Quality vs. Quantity

At Catapult, our approach is to provide 2-3 highly qualified and available candidates that we’ve spoken to directly for each position. We respect our client’s need for their demands of time in any hiring process. High quality and high efficiency.

We communicate the whole process

We’re transparent with candidates, explaining each step and timeline to the hiring process. We send calendar invites, who and how many interviewers they will be meeting with, including their titles and responsibilities on the project. Interviewing can be emotionally draining on candidates, and information helps them prepare and minimize any stress throughout the process, while maximizing the candidate experience.

We follow up

We have a 2-day rule to get back to candidates promptly, with either good news or bad. This sets us apart, and demonstrates that we value all of our candidate’s experience with Catapult.

No Ghosting

When companies ghost candidates—neither responding to applications nor following up after interviews—42% of candidates say they won’t apply for positions with those companies. One in five actively advise their peers to avoid such companies as well. We hold our teams to a hire standard.

We're open to giving and receiving feedback

Candidates appreciate specific, personalized feedback delivered with sincerity and kindness. We also want candid feedback from our candidates. Our candidates want to improve, and so do we.

Top 10 Training Methodology™

Catapult uses a proprietary, integrated training methodology, made specifically for the staffing industry; Top 10 Training Methodology™. ‘Top 10’ is the basis of our training and professional development programs. Targeting the two core positions in staffing, recruiting, and sales – focused on best practices of the Top 10% of sales and recruiters in the industry.

What is Catapult Solutions Group?

We help organizations transform their workforce with a hire standard of talent built for today’s world of work. We serve governments, fortune 500 companies, SMBs, startups, healthcare organizations, and non-profits.

Catapult Solutions Group helps organizations find the most sought-after talent for any company, in almost any industry, regardless of size. Our recruiters search for talented individuals who fit a company’s specific needs and quickly integrate into your company’s existing culture.

Our massive talent network means we can find incredible candidates to work for your organization quickly. We’ve worked with thousands of clients in healthcare, IT, federal services, life sciences, finance and accounting, engineering, light industrial, professional services, and skilled trade.

Whether you’re looking for a hire standard of talent through a contract, contract to perm, perm, or payrolling, we’ve got you covered.

Catapult Solutions Group offers clients a broad range of managed services including hiring entire teams while you retain the project management. This includes onboarding, consultant playbooks, agreed upon KPIs, SLA’s, and resource management.

Catapult Solutions Group makes technology solutions and hiring in today's world of work, effortless. Ready to get started?

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