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Whether you are looking for a nursing job in an extended care facility, a provider of home health services, a competitive medical/surgical hospital, or an opportunity to travel, Catapult Healthcare helps you find your next opportunity.

Our nursing recruiting team understands the sacrifices and challenges that our nurses face and provide a better way to find their next opportunity so they can focus on what matters: patient care.

Rise to the challenge

Work at different facilities, learn new techniques, acquire a broad range of skills, and showcase your adaptability.

Get paid what you're worth

We offer excellent packages, including competitive hourly wages, health insurance, and referral bonuses.

Enjoy freedom and flexibility

Choose when and where you want to work. Take time off between assignments, spend more time with family and friends, and finally take that dream vacation.

Jobs in high demand locations

Our team provides you with more job security with assignment options in high-demand locations across the U.S. once your current assignment ends.

Lower your cost of living

Take advantage of higher pay in locations with a lower cost of living average — driving your spending and monthly bills even lower.

Discover new places

We offer assignments in all 50 states, giving our nurses and allied health professionals the opportunity to see the country and live in any place they desire.

We genuinely care

When you’re searching for a travel nursing or allied health job in today’s competitive market, it’s important to work with a team that deeply cares about their travelers and is committed to guiding them through every step of their search. When you work with the Catapult Healthcare recruiting team to find your next travel nursing or allied healthcare job, we put you first — we call it ‘a hire standard’.

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Common Questions About Travel Nursing

A travel nurse is a registered nurse that is contracted by a temporary staffing agency to work for a healthcare facility for a short amount of time, typically around 13 weeks. Because travel nurses work in their primary specialty, their duties will vary greatly depending on the patients’ needs. Nurses perform many indispensable roles, including examining patients and speaking with them about their symptoms and health histories in order to make critical decisions about their care. They also deliver essential information and counsel with the goal of improving health. Travel nurses are an important part of medication and treatment delivery, as well as essential research. They collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure a high quality of patient care through the creation of quality assurance standards.

A nurse staffing agency is a company that specializes in recruiting and placing nurses at healthcare facilities. The agency can be a third party, which acts as an intermediary between the nurse and the facility, or it can be a division of the facility itself.

The agency may charge its clients for its services or use them to fill open positions with new hires. The agency may also recruit and place nurses at multiple facilities in order to create a relationship between those facilities and their employees.

Many agencies specialize in one type of nursing or another, such as travel nursing or per diem staffing. Some companies provide both types of services within their organization, while others specialize only in one area.

Healthcare facilities often hire independent contractors to fill positions on an as-needed basis. This allows them to avoid hiring full-time employees who may not be necessary at certain times during the year. It also gives them flexibility when it comes to adjusting their workforce based on seasonal shifts or changes in client needs.

Registered nurse staffing agencies provide registered nurse placements to hospitals and other healthcare organizations that have trouble filling temporary or permanent placements. They secure contracts for RNs to work in various types of healthcare facilities. Our Comprehensive Nurse Staffing Solutions are supported by An Extensive Network of Pre-Screened, Highly Trained Professionals. Travel Nurses, Per Diem, International, and Labor Disruption. 

We have a network of qualified, experienced nurses that are ready to serve your staffing needs. We also provide international placement and can help with labor disruptions. We Hire the World’s Best Travel Nurses. Our extensive network of professionals are fully screened and trained to deliver only the best quality services.

We’ll get into the details of what exactly a travel nursing agency is, what they do, and why they exist.

A travel nursing agency (or “travel nurse agency”) is an independent company that contracts with health care facilities (hospitals) to provide temporary staffing for them. They connect registered nurses (RNs) with hospitals that need nurses for short term assignments in different locations. Hospitals might contract with a travel nurse agency when they need extra staff in order to meet patient demand or cover shifts for nurses on vacation or sick leave.

A travel nursing agency finds positions for nurses then helps them through the entire application process. They also provide training, orientation, housing, insurance, and other services needed by nurses who want to work as travelers.

Travel nursing agencies work with hospitals all over the country to place their nurses where they are needed most. This means that if there is an opening at a hospital near your home town or in another state, you could potentially be placed there without having to move yourself!

Many people dream of traveling the world, but few have the opportunity to do so. Traveling can be a great way to see new places, learn about different cultures and meet new people. It can also be an excellent way to earn extra money in your free time.


To be a travel nurse, you need to have at least one year of experience as a registered nurse (RN). You must also be able to pass state and federal background checks and drug tests. Once you have met these requirements, you’re ready to get started!


Benefits of Travel Nursing – Travel nurses enjoy many benefits over other types of nurses. For example:

Higher Pay: Travel nurses are paid more than their counterparts who work at hospitals or nursing homes because they earn more in their base salary than permanent employees. This is why many travel nurses choose this type of job over others available in their area.


Interesting Locations: Travel nurses often work in exciting locations such as hospitals located near ski resorts or hospitals that offer quick access to beaches or national parks such as Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park.

When you’re getting ready to travel nurse, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your chosen agency can provide you with everything you need.


But choosing a good agency is important because they’ll be your partner while you’re on the road. They’ll help guide your career and make sure that you’re always working in safe environments with high-quality facilities.


So what should you look for when choosing an agency? 


Here are some tips:

Check out their reviews. Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed will have reviews from current and past employees about their experience at different agencies. Take note of how many employees gave each company a positive review and see if there are any trends or patterns in what people are saying about them. If there’s only one bad review but it says something like “they never pay on time,” that’s not as concerning as if there are multiple complaints about poor communication or underpaying employees.


Look at the size of their network. A large network means that there are more opportunities for you to find travel nursing jobs throughout North America, Europe or Australia/New Zealand — wherever your travel nursing assignment may take you! You want an agency that has access to all the major hospitals


Choosing a travel nursing agency is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career. It can be challenging to navigate through all of the options available, but it’s worth it.


There are several things to consider when choosing an agency, including:


– The size and strength of the company


– How long they have been in business


– What their reputation is like in the industry, especially among travel nurses


– What kind of training and support they offer for new hires


– The types of assignments they offer



There are two main types of companies: direct hire and contingent (travel) assignment agencies. The difference between these two is that direct hire agencies work directly with hospitals and other employers to fill positions while contingent (travel) assignment agencies work with nurses who are looking for jobs.



If you’re looking for a direct hire position, it’s usually best to look online or call local hospitals directly to see if they have any openings in their departments. If they don’t have any open positions right now but know someone who might have one in the future, they may be able to put you in touch with them so that they can get an application from you when the time comes. However, this does not guarantee that there will be an opening for you when it does open up! In fact, there is no guarantee at all that there will be an opening when it does open up! Your best bet here would be to contact multiple hospitals.



 When you’re searching for a travel nursing agency, you want to make sure they’ll be able to meet all of your needs. Overall – try to focus on these factors:



1. Reputation – It’s important to research the reputation of the agency before signing up with them. Check out reviews on sites like Yelp and Google, or look for testimonials from other travelers on social media or forums such as Reddit or Glassdoor. You can also ask around at work or in your community to see if anyone has used the agency before and what their experience was like.


2. Company size – If you’re looking for an agency that will offer full-time benefits, it’s important that they have enough employees to support this type of travel nurse program. Look for agencies with at least 100 nurses on staff and avoid those with fewer than 50 employees; these are usually just small local agencies that don’t have much clout when it comes to negotiating contracts with hospitals.


3. Experience – This is another factor to keep in mind when choosing an agency; ideally they should have been around for several years and have contracts with hospitals throughout your state as well as others across the country (if you’re planning on traveling).

Traveling nurses are in demand as healthcare facilities and medical organizations continue to struggle to find enough qualified staff. As a result of this increased demand, the average travel nurse salary can be quite high! As the nursing shortage continues to grow—and as more hospitals continue to struggle with providing adequate care—more nurses are choosing travel nursing as a way to fill in where they’re needed most. But, before signing on with any recruiting agency, it’s important to understand how your pay package will be determined.

Travel nurses can make quite a but more than they would as a full time nurse at a healthcare facility. Plus, they can take advantage of stipends and per diems.

Hospital nurses are typically paid a set salary. In addition to a salary, they receive incremental pay increases at various time frames. A travel nurse’s typical salary package is composed of hourly pay, a non-taxed housing stipend, non-taxed per diems, travel reimbursements and more.

When travel nursing, you will receive both taxable hourly rates and non-taxed stipends for expenses such as housing, meals, and other incidentals. In addition to non-taxed stipends, travel nurses also receive hourly pay.

Other factors that can influence how much you can expect to make as a travel nurse include any crisis situations like the one we’ve experienced over the last few years.  The location of the assignment affects travel nurse pay. The cost of living and regional trends influence rates. They are highest in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and New York. Southern states tend to have lower living costs and thus lower travel nurse pay. As a travel nurse, your pay is determined by your specialty. Non-specialty nurses such as medical/surgical and psychiatric specialties are typically paid lower rates than specialized nurses with highly sought after skills. For travel nursing assignments, most hospitals offer higher rates for night shifts. If you want to make the most money and are flexible with your hours, this can be a good option. However, if you don’t enjoy working at night or feel more comfortable during the day, do not force yourself into doing so.

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